October 2022

Autonomous Lifesavers

Autonomous cars are saving lives – every day. Silently. We don’t notice. Actually – most of us don’t know. What we do know is that selfdriving cars are dangerous. According to the news, they are frequently involved in accidents and kill people. Two very different pictures of the same reality. Which one is right?


When Nuclear News is Good News …

It’s not about bombs, threats or potential annihilation, but about nuclear energy. The ‘outcast that came in from the cold’ almost like a saviour in an increasingly energy starved world. But there is a problem that most of us were unaware of: Even nuclear power needs fuel. And guess what – that fuel is coming from Russia.


We Need Bankruptcies, not Crutches

It sounds brutal, but those of us who’ve built businesses know it’s the truth. Business – like nature – is trial and error, death feeding life, pain feeding gain, survival of the fittest – meaning ‘the most adaptable’. Therefore, government ‘life support’ for businesses in rough times is almost always a bad choice. Bad for business, bad for the future.


Time to Leave?

You may have heard about space pollution. And no, it’s not about littering (remaining) open spaces in our cities, it’s about space. The skies if you like. We’ve managed to pollute every corner of the Earth and relentlessly continued with space. Is it time to leave?


Can You Trust Your (Data) Broker?

All this hoopla about data, data science, data lakes and data protection leave the impression that data is a new thing. That data somehow popped up at the beginning of the digital revolution and became the most important thing in the world. This misperception prevents us from seeing and understanding the big picture. Including scams lurking just around the corner…


Corporate Survival: Delete MORE Data!

Data is vital to the digital economy. As vital as the red and white blood cells to your body. Which makes dataflow equivalent to your blood flow. What happens if you’re fed bad data? Corporate blood poisoning? You bet!