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My name is Helge Skrivervik. Speaker, writer, technologist, entrepreneur and devoted husband – with insatiable curiosity and a knack at finding out how things work.

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My goal is simple: To understand the world. My ambition with is just as simple: To share the understanding.

If your first reaction is ‘you cannot do that’, you’re right. Not by myself – and not completely. But if I contribute my share, you contribute yours etc. …. is simply a channel for sharing insight, understanding, ideas and reflections – primarily but not limited to the tech/business realm.

There is no question – technology is driving most of the fast paced change the world is experiencing. In good and bad ways.

The accelerating pace of change is already past our ability to adapt. This is a major challenge – on many levels. Traditional metrics don’t work, experience frequently becomes a liability instead of an asset, and lack of understanding creates confusion.

This is the situation I’d like to address with Our mindset is becoming our worst enemy. Thus the slogan ‘challenge your mindset‘. This is my invitation to you to do just that. I’m challenging mine, feel free to challenge yours. Only you can change it.

Again, welcome to Read more about the mission here. The journey has just started.


In 1993 my wife Hanne and I left Skrivervik Data, which I founded in 1985, wanting to do something entirely different. We had experienced fast growth, long days and nights – all the typical challenges of converting a startup to a thriving business. With great success – and great personal cost.

We found that sharing knowledge and experience was something that appealed to both of us. We wanted to start small and keep it that way.

The idea turned into a company – Mellingen & Skrivervik as, later rechristened Team Mellvik as and eventually as – as the business and publishing platforms evolved.

Almost 30 years later, we’re closing the chapter. The time feels right and the date was just too tempting: 22022022. Hanne has built an inspiring, bilingual blog-site – – through which she shares from her treasure chest of experience: 25+ years of organizational psychology, management consulting and lots of personal insight. has been in operation for several years and has acquired followers all over the world.

To me, switching from – a subscription based service ‘connecting technology and business’ – to feels like a big step. No paywall, different language ( was in Norwegian), a Saturday newsletter, broader focus, international audience. Exciting – and challenging.

Again, welcome, and feel free to join my weekly newsletter – the Saturday Mindset – if you haven’t already. I pledge to be significant, relevant and low noise. And some times provocative.

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