The Ultimate Source of Clean Energy: You

A seemingly universal consensus: The world needs more energy. And it has to be clean. Fossil is out, renewable is in – etc. etc. etc. You know the drill – it’s everywhere, all day. What if it’s wrong? The metrics, the goals, the premise?


“Tech will save us…” – Really?

We’ve heard it for years. From climate change deniers in particular and from politicians, business people and (almost) everyone else. While denying reality, many claim tech will fix it anyway. Wishful thinking indeed, but the premise is correct. Tech won’t fix it, but tech may actually save us.


The AI Crash

My previous post, AI’s notorious lack of intelligence, raised quite a few eyebrows – judging from the (inspiring) feedback. The distance between hype and reality is huge, the misunderstandings and disappointments plentiful while big money seems to be pouring in from salivating investors. What are we missing?


Is War Good for Business?

War is obviously good for some businesses. But is it good for society? ‘Of course not’ is most likely your immediate response. And certainly mine. But not so fast. It’s complicated …


The as-a-Service Economy

photo © ipopba/Adobe Stock

We’ve been in it for quite some time. But do we realize how much it has changed us? And how different it turned out compared to expectations?


Why Spotify Wins

photo © jaiz anuar/adobe stock

I was upset. Joe Rogan was promoting dangerous lies and Spotify was supporting him. So I broke it off. To send a message. Inspired by Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and many other artists I highly respect. It didn’t last–and the reason is interesting.


Russia’s cyber-failure

With bad news flowing out of Ukraine like a waterfall, here’s the good news: Russia’s cyberwar failed.


Goodbye IT, go data …

Did you know that Facebook has more than 1.2 million servers in operation? And that they are run by 100 employees? This means that the new standard for operations is 12,000 servers per employee. Does it sound OK?


Audit your mindset!

The appeal comes from mr. Intellectual Capital, renowned professor Leiv Edvinsson. A message he has repeated for years. What does he mean? Is he talking about me? About us?