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Tesla-gate: Bad Numbers, Important Story

So the Tesla autopilot has been involved in more than 700 accidents over the past few years. That’s bad, but how bad? That depends on the metric. How do accidents caused compare to accidents prevented? Are autopilots good or bad? The answer: We don’t know.

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What AI Cannot Do

It’s becoming tiresome, isn’t it? Every week AI is seemingly conquering new territory, doing more things, becoming more capable and more useful – or threatening, depending on point of view. High noise factor, low value because it’s mostly speculation. What about taking the opposite angle: What AI cannot do – would that be more useful?

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AI is predicting the future – your future

Is that what you want? Actually, what you want may not matter, you’ll get it anyway. It may come as a surprise, but AI has been predicting the future for a long time – and very successfully. To the extent that we’ve been totally addicted for ages. Oh, we haven’t had AI for ages? Well, we used to call it something else. What’s…

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ChatBots: The (Free) Party is Ending

It’s almost like running out of gas, except everyone’s surprised: Oops, this thing runs on gas? Where can we get more and who pays? Of course chatbots don’t run on gas, but they do run on data and the data-pipes are about to close. How can this happen and can this possibly be a good thing? In the feeding frenzy around AI, MMLs and chatbots, most…

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Digital Trust Didn’t Work, Now What?

Digital trust hasn’t delivered. In fact, digital trust, blockchains, even Zero Trust – which is a concept, not a product – turned out to be less than trustworthy. The reason? We couldn’t get humans out of the equation. What we got was more complexity, less understanding and centralization instead of the expected democratization – more power in fewer hands.  Crypto and blockchain were expected to liberate the world from…

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Stop the World, Need to Think …

Tech luminaries (!) want us to pause AI/ChatBot development for 6 months. Many others are jumping on the bandwagon. The message is this: ‘We need to get our bearings straight(ened).’ Which may make sense, but seriously – what are they on?

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