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Security: Everything is broken

If you’re following the cybersecurity buzz and – at least occasionally – take the time to think for a minute, it’s hard to avoid getting the feeling that everything is broken. And it is. But the show must go on. Here’s how it works.

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Why Energy Abundance is Bad

Think about it: Solar panels on every roof must be good, right? Our own almost personal power plants. We’re saving the planet, changing our own lives and saving money – at least in the long run. It sounds too good to be true. And it is.

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The Autonomous Nightmare

Humans don’t really like robots and certainly not robots that look like us – unless they’re in a movie or TV show. In short – we don’t like competition. That’s why we don’t want autonomous cars.

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Mars is closer, survival is not …

It’s truly amazing what’s going on on Mars these days. Smart people, great planning and incredible technology is moving cargo from Earth to Mars more or less automatically. Then conducting experiments, even having a helicopter working autonomously – in totally unknown terrain. While here on Earth even the simplest emergency planning seems to be a big challenge – and controversial. Why?

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