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Ransomware: The ‘No Clue’ Strategy

Can you blame people (or politicians) for choices they make when they have no clue? Of course you can. That’s how they – and all of us – learn. And having no clue is no excuse for bad business decisions. Nevertheless, most managers and leaders get away with it. Again and again. No wonder we’re in trouble…

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Did Chatbots Just Hit a Brick Wall?

Apparently, chatbots suddenly hit a wall. Went from ‘wunderkinder’ to laughingstock in a few short weeks. Bard and ChatGPT (or the enhanced Bing which suddenly became ‘de-enhanced’) got undressed. No intelligence was found, just a lot of data – and a language model, a very big one. Which explains the output – and (pardon my French) the BS.

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How Can Buggy Software Deliver Security?

Computers need software. Software has bugs. There is no such thing as bug-free software. So how can more software – which means more bugs – improve security? It’s scary actually. Think about it: Just about anything we buy and use and are depending on these days have software. Lightbulbs, batteries, bikes, pacemakers, toothbrushes, keys, phones, TVs, doorlocks, trains, airplanes – even shoes and…

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Archive Social Media? You Must be Joking…

Historians and researchers are frantically trying to archive the Internet – including social media. Begging for funding to ‘preserve a rich data set of political discourse and communication trends’. Really? Save 500 million tweets and (say) 200 million Facebook posts per day? Comments, pictures, videos, likes, links, shares, the whole shebang? And that’s just two platforms and one data type. Insane.

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Chatbots Aren’t the Problem. We Are!

They are in the news – every day and all over. Chatbots are doing homework, writing novels and poems, taking exams, solving mysteries, fooling people, sometimes fooling themselves. It’s incredible – but everyone is worried. It doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t we be celebrating?

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