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How to Stop a Nation

You don’t have to bomb the energy grid or sabotage/hack the cell network to put a nation literally out of business. There is a much easier route: Hack the EV chargers. Country particularly exposed? Norway! Also exposed: EU, UK, US, China, … 

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Why GDPR is a Bigger Problem than Privacy

Digital privacy is a challenge. GDPR and its siblings make it worse. We need a reset. And then some serious effort to understand the problem. Something the GDPR creators never took the time to. Possibly the most expensive – and detrimental – ‘blind-leading-the-blind’ exercise of all time.

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Are Software Engineers Ruling the World?

Our digital world is software, created and built by software engineers. If the software stops, the world stops. That’s software power. Can they take it down – or abuse it? Of course. It happens all the time … and it’s getting worse.

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Autonomous Crashes, Fake News and Great Sources

An ‘inconvenient truth’ is when reality doesn’t match our preferences. We feel like ignoring it and just move on. Which seems to have become the rule rather than the exception lately – not the least in business. At times we even turn off the news because it’s all bad and we need a break. Or we switch to sources that tell us what…

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Why Humanizing AI is, well – Stupid

‘It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.’ The book title from 2007 by renowned author Frank Luntz works in many contexts, explaining the root of many, maybe most misunderstandings. And the reason why you don’t talk to your kids the same way as you talk to a colleague or a police officer. Communication is hard – and we fail at it all…

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The Ultimate Cimate Change Gauge: Money

Some people I know are climate change deniers. To them it’s all a hoax, it doesn’t exist. The wildfires, draught, extreme weather, flooding, landslides etc. – it’s all natural. Which is fine – everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The problem is that we’re in the same boat. And to put it bluntly, it’s sinking while we’re unable to have a meaningful…

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Reeducation? No Thanks, I’m Good!

It’s weird. You’ve been learning new stuff all your life. And changed accordingly – maybe ‘evolved’ is a better term. As adults most of us have embraced learning, even occasionally bragged about it – as in ‘lifelong learning, that’s me’ etc. Then – suddenly, it’s bad. “Reeducation? No thank you – I’m good.” Why?

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