Sunday Mindset

Backup? It’s so 2010, isn’t it?

I tried, but I couldn’t quit completely. Significant reduction but still addicted – to the good feeling. That’s what the backup/archive system in the garage delivers. Peace of mind, a feeling of safety. Is it real?


Make Your Brain Great Again

Some people thrive in chaos. They all have something in common: Instincts. But everyone has instincts, right? So why don’t the rest of us thrive in chaos?


Why Energy Abundance is Bad

Think about it: Solar panels on every roof must be good, right? Our own almost personal power plants. We’re saving the planet, changing our own lives and saving money – at least in the long run. It sounds too good to be true. And it is.


The Autonomous Nightmare

Humans don’t really like robots and certainly not robots that look like us – unless they’re in a movie or TV show. In short – we don’t like competition. That’s why we don’t want autonomous cars.


Privacy? We Don’t Really Care …

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I’m not joking. Most people don’t care about privacy. If they did, social media and a lot of other things in the digital world would be different. Actually, if people were as concerned about privacy as the pundits and many lawmakers want us to be, the digital economy would be in shambles. 


Adaptable? Of course I am …

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Most people I know consider themselves ‘adaptable’ – able and willing to adapt to changing conditions, new challenges etc. fast. Yet I know very few who really are. What’s the problem?