We Need Bankruptcies, not Crutches

It sounds brutal, but those of us who’ve built businesses know it’s the truth. Business – like nature – is trial and error, death feeding life, pain feeding gain, survival of the fittest – meaning ‘the most adaptable’. Therefore, government ‘life support’ for businesses in rough times is almost always a bad choice. Bad for business, bad for the future.


Can You Trust Your (Data) Broker?

All this hoopla about data, data science, data lakes and data protection leave the impression that data is a new thing. That data somehow popped up at the beginning of the digital revolution and became the most important thing in the world. This misperception prevents us from seeing and understanding the big picture. Including scams lurking just around the corner…


Corporate Survival: Delete MORE Data!

Data is vital to the digital economy. As vital as the red and white blood cells to your body. Which makes dataflow equivalent to your blood flow. What happens if you’re fed bad data? Corporate blood poisoning? You bet!


The Day Apple was Russian

Can a typo ruin a business – or the world? The answer is less obvious (and much more scary) than you think.


You Need a Business Prenup: Exit Strategy

Fast paced change means that nothing lasts. Not solutions or products, not business relations or partnerships, not requirements, not even competence. The ‘life cycle’ of just about everything is shorter than ever – and shrinking. Even businesses have shorter lifespan than they used to. There is a good reason for that: They fail to adjust.


Simplicity rules: Pay more to get less

Of course we’re looking for features. We know what we need – and what we want. Color, shape, size, capabilities. Our ‘specs’. But is that what we’re getting? Not really. We’re getting a lot more, and for a while it felt good. Now it’s haunting us.