Ransomware: The ‘No Clue’ Strategy

Can you blame people (or politicians) for choices they make when they have no clue? Of course you can. That’s how they – and all of us – learn. And having no clue is no excuse for bad business decisions. Nevertheless, most managers and leaders get away with it. Again and again. No wonder we’re in trouble…


Privacy Protection? Forget it!

“The only thing these companies care about is money and profits.” Yet another round of whining about TikTok, Facebook, Google etc. and privacy. More regulations, more stupidity. Did we get it all wrong? Maybe personal (data) protection is a personal thing?


Crash Landing for 2021?

2021 was a big disappointment. Or was it really? It depends on who you ask. And by the way, as we enter 2022, there are much more pertinent questions to ask. Such as ‘are we prepared for the new year’? Most of us have short memory. Pressing pandemic-related issues totally…