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The Ultimate Cimate Change Gauge: Money

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Some people I know are climate change deniers. To them it’s all a hoax, it doesn’t exist. The wildfires, draught, extreme weather, flooding, landslides etc. – it’s all natural. Which is fine – everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The problem is that we’re in the same boat. And…


The World is Burning, Can AI Rescue Us?

Think about it: We – presumably intelligent human beings – have collectively put the world on a path towards extinction and don’t seem to be able to do much about it. But there is still hope: Our new AI-‘friends’ possess a different kind of intelligence, quite possibly our key to survival, our lifeboat so to speak. But we don’t want help. In fact, now we’re trying to sink the lifeboat. Do we still call ourselves ‘intelligent’?


Why ChatGPT is so Stone Age

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You may remember – or seen pictures of – ancient computers. Screens with text and a keyboard attached. Or even older, a teletype – a 60 lbs typewriter with a big roll of paper, really slow and very noisy. Attached to some computer in a room nearby. A noisy monster guarded by important-looking men (yes, seriously!) in gray lab-coats. Stone age. 50 years ago. That’s where ChatGPT is at today.


Got Problems? Blame the Internet

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After decennia of refusing to accept, even see reality, it has become undeniable. The world is falling apart. And instead of rushing to fix it, we’re looking for someone or something to blame. It didn’t take long, it’s here – in our midst, ubiquitous. The Internet.


When Nuclear News is Good News …

It’s not about bombs, threats or potential annihilation, but about nuclear energy. The ‘outcast that came in from the cold’ almost like a saviour in an increasingly energy starved world. But there is a problem that most of us were unaware of: Even nuclear power needs fuel. And guess what – that fuel is coming from Russia.


Time to Leave?

You may have heard about space pollution. And no, it’s not about littering (remaining) open spaces in our cities, it’s about space. The skies if you like. We’ve managed to pollute every corner of the Earth and relentlessly continued with space. Is it time to leave?


Why Scarcity is Good

The banker: “With all this money you and your children will be secure forever. You will not have to worry about a thing.” The old lady: “Sounds like a curse to me!”


Backup? It’s so 2010, isn’t it?

I tried, but I couldn’t quit completely. Significant reduction but still addicted – to the good feeling. That’s what the backup/archive system in the garage delivers. Peace of mind, a feeling of safety. Is it real?


Why Energy Abundance is Bad

Think about it: Solar panels on every roof must be good, right? Our own almost personal power plants. We’re saving the planet, changing our own lives and saving money – at least in the long run. It sounds too good to be true. And it is.


Is ‘Going all Electric’ Killing the Planet?

Going all electric – in a hurry – is the solution to our climate challenge, according to both experts and pundits. It sounds reasonable, the goal and the arguments are convincing. They also ignore reality. The climate challenge is not just about energy.