Are Software Engineers Ruling the World?

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Our digital world is software, created and built by software engineers. If the software stops, the world stops. That’s software power. Can they take it down – or abuse it? Of course. It happens all the time … and it’s getting worse.


Autonomous Crashes, Fake News and Great Sources

An ‘inconvenient truth‘ is when reality doesn’t match our preferences. We feel like ignoring it and just move on. Which seems to have become the rule rather than the exception lately – not the least in business. At times we even turn off the news because it’s all bad and…


Why Humanizing AI is, well – Stupid

‘It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.’ The book title from 2007 by renowned author Frank Luntz works in many contexts, explaining the root of many, maybe most misunderstandings. And the reason why you don’t talk to your kids the same way as you talk to a colleague or…


The Ultimate Cimate Change Gauge: Money

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Some people I know are climate change deniers. To them it’s all a hoax, it doesn’t exist. The wildfires, draught, extreme weather, flooding, landslides etc. – it’s all natural. Which is fine – everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The problem is that we’re in the same boat. And…


Artificial Stupidity

You’ve probably noticed. Suddenly the newsbeat is about ChatGPT & co. becoming more stupid – less likely to deliver correct results. What’s going on?


The AI Hype Cycle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve been hit by the AI hype wave. If you’re more than average interested you’ve wondered when the downturn comes. It always does – it’s as predictable as gravity – and the Gartner Hype Cycle. What happens then?


What AI Cannot Do (Part II)

Ok, so AI will not give you more time (see part I). And AI can be this huge threat to mankind etc. – according to an increasing collection of experts. Sounds serious, but it’s still kind of distant, isn’t it? So let’s bring it closer to home: Is AI a real…


AI: And Now You are a ‘Prompt Engineer’!

If you don’t know what it is, it’s OK. It’s a recent invention – not the concept but the name. A ‘prompt engineer’ is an expert in ‘bot relations’. In ‘how to interact with chatbots’. It’s weird, isn’t it? I thought the point with chatbots that we – anyone – can talk to them. I must have been mistaken …


The World is Burning, Can AI Rescue Us?

Think about it: We – presumably intelligent human beings – have collectively put the world on a path towards extinction and don’t seem to be able to do much about it. But there is still hope: Our new AI-‘friends’ possess a different kind of intelligence, quite possibly our key to survival, our lifeboat so to speak. But we don’t want help. In fact, now we’re trying to sink the lifeboat. Do we still call ourselves ‘intelligent’?


Tesla-gate: Bad Numbers, Important Story

So the Tesla autopilot has been involved in more than 700 accidents over the past few years. That’s bad, but how bad? That depends on the metric. How do accidents caused compare to accidents prevented? Are autopilots good or bad? The answer: We don’t know.