Chatbots Aren’t the Problem. We Are!

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They are in the news – every day and all over. Chatbots are doing homework, writing novels and poems, taking exams, solving mysteries, fooling people, sometimes fooling themselves. It’s incredible – but everyone is worried. It doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t we be celebrating?


Why ChatGPT is so Stone Age

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You may remember – or seen pictures of – ancient computers. Screens with text and a keyboard attached. Or even older, a teletype – a 60 lbs typewriter with a big roll of paper, really slow and very noisy. Attached to some computer in a room nearby. A noisy monster guarded by important-looking men (yes, seriously!) in gray lab-coats. Stone age. 50 years ago. That’s where ChatGPT is at today.


The Largest Digital Brain in the World

Consider this scenario: A huge machine the size of several football fields producing products (or services) vital to the world. In the process, it guzzles more energy than a steel plant, ‘eats’ data by the shipload (think supertankers) – delivered via pipes the size of the cables carrying the Golden…


Of Course We Have Trust Issues…

Zero trust is an interesting concept. ‘Don’t trust anyone – ever’ seems so simple and so enticing now that the world is falling apart because we decided to trust the untrustworthy. We created huge vulnerabilities, now they’re haunting us. Can zero trust work outside the narrow technical settings in which it has already proven itself?


Autonomous Lifesavers

Autonomous cars are saving lives – every day. Silently. We don’t notice. Actually – most of us don’t know. What we do know is that selfdriving cars are dangerous. According to the news, they are frequently involved in accidents and kill people. Two very different pictures of the same reality. Which one is right?


Corporate Survival: Delete MORE Data!

Data is vital to the digital economy. As vital as the red and white blood cells to your body. Which makes dataflow equivalent to your blood flow. What happens if you’re fed bad data? Corporate blood poisoning? You bet!


The Autonomous Nightmare

Humans don’t really like robots and certainly not robots that look like us – unless they’re in a movie or TV show. In short – we don’t like competition. That’s why we don’t want autonomous cars.


Hybrid Driver? Gimme a brake…

Do you drive a hybrid? I do. It’s good for my economy. And it’s bad for the climate. Actually, just about everything hybrid is bad. And ‘hybrid driver’ is possibly the worst …


Sentient AI? Dream on …

It is still true that every cloud has a silver lining. The recent hoopla about sentient AI is a great example. Of course it’s a cloud of baloney. But where is the silver lining?


The AI Crash

My previous post, AI’s notorious lack of intelligence, raised quite a few eyebrows – judging from the (inspiring) feedback. The distance between hype and reality is huge, the misunderstandings and disappointments plentiful while big money seems to be pouring in from salivating investors. What are we missing?