Reeducation? No Thanks, I’m Good!

It’s weird. You’ve been learning new stuff all your life. And changed accordingly – maybe ‘evolved’ is a better term. As adults most of us have embraced learning, even occasionally bragged about it – as in ‘lifelong learning, that’s me’ etc. Then – suddenly, it’s bad. “Reeducation? No thank you – I’m good.” Why?


Artificial Stupidity

You’ve probably noticed. Suddenly the newsbeat is about ChatGPT & co. becoming more stupid – less likely to deliver correct results. What’s going on?


Solar Panels: Another Climate Disaster?

Most of us have experienced that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. We’re most likely seeing only part of the picture, the rest being either hidden or ignored – or both. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case for most of our so called sustainable energy sources. Looking closer, they turn out to be not so sustainable after all. Quite possibly the opposite.


What AI Cannot Do (Part II)

Ok, so AI will not give you more time (see part I). And AI can be this huge threat to mankind etc. – according to an increasing collection of experts. Sounds serious, but it’s still kind of distant, isn’t it? So let’s bring it closer to home: Is AI a real…


The World is Burning, Can AI Rescue Us?

Think about it: We – presumably intelligent human beings – have collectively put the world on a path towards extinction and don’t seem to be able to do much about it. But there is still hope: Our new AI-‘friends’ possess a different kind of intelligence, quite possibly our key to survival, our lifeboat so to speak. But we don’t want help. In fact, now we’re trying to sink the lifeboat. Do we still call ourselves ‘intelligent’?


What AI Cannot Do

It’s becoming tiresome, isn’t it? Every week AI is seemingly conquering new territory, doing more things, becoming more capable and more useful – or threatening, depending on point of view. High noise factor, low value because it’s mostly speculation. What about taking the opposite angle: What AI cannot do – would that be more useful?


Why ChatGPT is so Stone Age

Image © Robert Bosch GMBH

You may remember – or seen pictures of – ancient computers. Screens with text and a keyboard attached. Or even older, a teletype – a 60 lbs typewriter with a big roll of paper, really slow and very noisy. Attached to some computer in a room nearby. A noisy monster guarded by important-looking men (yes, seriously!) in gray lab-coats. Stone age. 50 years ago. That’s where ChatGPT is at today.


Got Problems? Blame the Internet

Image © Adobe Stock

After decennia of refusing to accept, even see reality, it has become undeniable. The world is falling apart. And instead of rushing to fix it, we’re looking for someone or something to blame. It didn’t take long, it’s here – in our midst, ubiquitous. The Internet.


When Money Doesn’t Help …

You may remember one of the Beatles’ first hits, ‘Can’t buy me love’. There are many reasons why the song lives on. One of them that there is – even these days – a lot if stuff you cannot buy. Like my mother in law observed about her situation at a care facility recently: I need hearts more than hands – and they cannot be bought.