‘I got yor password’

Pardon the spelling, but it fits. It has been 35 years since passwords were deemed inadequate for reasonable security. Yet here we are, still using them – and 12345678 is still the world’s favorite. Too bad AI doesn’t exist. We could really need some help on the intelligence side of things.


Surprise: Your Cyber Security Sucks

Sometimes reality beats Hollywood by orders of magnitude. Here’s one such case: Your cybersecurity sucks. Seriously. It’s embarassing. We’ve been pouring billions into cyber defence and cyber security for years. We’ve become good at it. Or so we thought. Then the war came. With the war came the truth. We’ve…


Get Inspired: The (creative) itch

Creativity is fascinating. And creativity is usually triggered by something. A problem, an opportunity, a situation, a crisis, a need – or just an idea. Which turns into an itch, a desire to fix, alleviate, improve, invent …


Simplicity rules: Pay more to get less

Of course we’re looking for features. We know what we need – and what we want. Color, shape, size, capabilities. Our ‘specs’. But is that what we’re getting? Not really. We’re getting a lot more, and for a while it felt good. Now it’s haunting us.


Russia’s cyber-failure

With bad news flowing out of Ukraine like a waterfall, here’s the good news: Russia’s cyberwar failed.